Thursday, 6 December 2012

Letter to Ignorance


                          How have you been?? Quite active it seems to me.. everyone keeps talking about you.. you are the star..aren' you now, my little devil... how come you do not visit Grandma anymore????
I worry about you.. i think at times that you are taking up too much space in people's lives.. 
You seem to have grown rich and powerful enough to buy more and more land.. more than anyone can acquire in one miserly lifetime..
But my son... don't you think you should slow down the pace in which you seem to be growing...
But then.. success makes you hungry, doesn't it?
Even as a kid.. you were always greedy for more.. more peanut butter.. more chocolate chip cookies...
But you are a grown up now my baby..
And i feel like i do not know you anymore..
i wish i had not indulged your wants for more... as a child..
then perhaps.. you would come home once in a while... to rekindle the forgotten memories of my warm lap.. the peanut butter.. the roasted marshmallows.. 
But you've already had so much of all that already.. haven't you???

I miss you..

The child of my thoughts... you are still bliss.. only not for me anymore..


                                                                                                        Grandma memory.