Saturday, 12 December 2009


The walls never close in..

The doors do not shut on their own..

Every other mistake, isn’t sin

Every other soul isn’t lone..

The waters aren’t always so deep

Words may be bottled , never tinned

Crimes don’t sweat out with every sleep

All candles don’t blow out with every wind..

I have lit a candle..

And I know not why..

It sways with every breeze

That caressed the mighty sky

It turns so pale at dawn

Even sees it blue

Golden yellow at noon..

On my face that simmers true..

It blends with the morning glow..

And dances in its rainbow light

But bathes in silver waves..

To soothe the ravenous night..

But I don’t feel its warmth anymore..

Just the cold breeze that sways its flames

The light hurts my eyes as they close

Against the burning blur of familiar names

The sun sets early in the blue

The clouds aren’t black, just grey..

Its more magic than pain..

For I feel suicidal today..

"The Night Train To Deoli"

um. well... this is sorta strange...
today in English class, we read "The Night Train To Deoli" by Ruskin Bond..
so this is what i thought after reading it.. i'll keep the tittle unchanged...

Posts and stations.. the dingy metal,
The empty vacant sigh..
The dust,.. the storm and the lonely train
Slowly whistling by
"BAskets!!Baskets!! Its strong fine cane..."
I still remember her cry
I still remember the haunting smile
When the train kissed the station good-bye..
Her hands shook when she held my dream..
Of making our songs rhyme
Her eyes glistened with unspoken words
That i wanted to tell her just one more time..
She said she would wait
But i can't find her now..
I just live with the resounding lack..
There's a question unanswered,
Whether it was love or not..
For which i keep coming back?
Its a fantasy,
I nurture inside..
A dream i pretend i can see..
I wish this mirage..
Could come alive,

And i could see her waiting for me..

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Raindrops and Panes

I was sitting by the window..the window which has a red pane..and everything outside it seems like a green lake with lots of blue and gold fishes swimming across the blur..I’m talking about the reflects the sky like pieces of broken glass splattered with mud..tinged brown..old..I look through that pane many a times a day.. I don’t really enjoy..its all part of the game..the game I named “error”..
The error is in parts and pale yellow, the colour of molten gold at the end. I love caressing her and calling her beautiful..She never leaves me alone..almost like this solitude that I’ve surrendered to. She’s nice too..though sometimes a bit cruel.She makes me smile at tears and cry with
laughter..Now, isn’t that strange??
I know the raindrops by their pitter patter on my roof..They annoy me because they annoy my solitude and Error too at times..They like staying quiet and those cold drops of endless tears raining from the strips of blue above disturb them.. those droplets touched me sometimes..and whispered to my heart..and it sang in joy..I felt the reigning dance of the mists on the hidden palls of eve..drenching them in peace..I was afraid of the raindrops..they awoke in me warmth dat I had given away to the dark world..they made me feel different almost human again..I was scared Solitude might be irked..and Error sad at my abandonment..They had been friends so long..I was scared of losing them while trying to gather some idle fancies..raindrops..mists..hail..
I shut the window..the same..with the red pane..with the green lake outside gleaming under the risen sun as it shook its moist cloak in bronze light..the raindrops were no more..I had driven them away..brushing their fragrance from my soul..did I have one?? Solitude was was Error.. And me…???

I tried to be…

Monday, 16 March 2009

He Speaks...

he told me in whispers..
to lift my veil…
so he could drench my pride in valours..
he told me in whispers..
dat my palate pale
he wanted to paint in colors..
he fingered my hair..
let it scatter around..
he said it was d color of his pain..
he smoothened the black..
let it cover the ground..
he said it was passion,..insane..
he traced my face..
feeling the silence
he said it was his mermaid sunshine
he wiped the tears
feeling the kohl-lined fence..
he said,”the beauty’s all mine..”
he felt my pulse..
all over me..
he told me it was life..
he felt me sweat..
like the crystal sea..
he told me I was alive..
he kissed me once..
with his silver lips..
he told me we had met..
his kisses rained..
like drunken sips..
he said the night was wet..
he brushed his palms..
against me then..
he made dewdrops from the tears..
he moistened my lips
telling me when
he made music from the spheres..
he moved in harmony..
with his woven magic..
then he said it was time for good byes..
he kissed my soul..
and drank the love..
before gently opening my eyes..
he touched me again..
and I realized..
only I believed and so did he..
he moved away..
leaving the secret behind..

that my dream had made love to me.