Monday, 16 March 2009

He Speaks...

he told me in whispers..
to lift my veil…
so he could drench my pride in valours..
he told me in whispers..
dat my palate pale
he wanted to paint in colors..
he fingered my hair..
let it scatter around..
he said it was d color of his pain..
he smoothened the black..
let it cover the ground..
he said it was passion,..insane..
he traced my face..
feeling the silence
he said it was his mermaid sunshine
he wiped the tears
feeling the kohl-lined fence..
he said,”the beauty’s all mine..”
he felt my pulse..
all over me..
he told me it was life..
he felt me sweat..
like the crystal sea..
he told me I was alive..
he kissed me once..
with his silver lips..
he told me we had met..
his kisses rained..
like drunken sips..
he said the night was wet..
he brushed his palms..
against me then..
he made dewdrops from the tears..
he moistened my lips
telling me when
he made music from the spheres..
he moved in harmony..
with his woven magic..
then he said it was time for good byes..
he kissed my soul..
and drank the love..
before gently opening my eyes..
he touched me again..
and I realized..
only I believed and so did he..
he moved away..
leaving the secret behind..

that my dream had made love to me.

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