Friday, 12 April 2013

The Unborn

She sleeps so sweet..
my angel,
the girl of my dreams..
i crumple in peace..
in pieces..
though bliss it still seems..

such a boon..
like spring,
seamless as the sea..
like parchment maps..
so fragile,
a note hidden under my morning tea..

like summer curtains..
swaying always
something old, something blue..
like unread chapters..
of the favourite book,
something borrowed something new..

i know she hears me not..
the unborn,
and she shall never see..
but i'll crave yet..
for her some more..
and always know how she'd be..

they say she's gone..
for forever..
for no stars shine above..
li'lle do they know..
she lives..

fast asleep in my cradle of love..

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