Saturday, 12 December 2009

"The Night Train To Deoli"

um. well... this is sorta strange...
today in English class, we read "The Night Train To Deoli" by Ruskin Bond..
so this is what i thought after reading it.. i'll keep the tittle unchanged...

Posts and stations.. the dingy metal,
The empty vacant sigh..
The dust,.. the storm and the lonely train
Slowly whistling by
"BAskets!!Baskets!! Its strong fine cane..."
I still remember her cry
I still remember the haunting smile
When the train kissed the station good-bye..
Her hands shook when she held my dream..
Of making our songs rhyme
Her eyes glistened with unspoken words
That i wanted to tell her just one more time..
She said she would wait
But i can't find her now..
I just live with the resounding lack..
There's a question unanswered,
Whether it was love or not..
For which i keep coming back?
Its a fantasy,
I nurture inside..
A dream i pretend i can see..
I wish this mirage..
Could come alive,

And i could see her waiting for me..

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