Monday, 7 December 2015


I have seen her grow up in memories of the past.
I have seen her fight her memories for too long.
I have seen her cry in front of a mirror that did’t recognise her.
I have seen her being beaten up black and blue.
I have seen her strip and not remember whether her negligee was hers at all.
I have seen her trying to drink the wrong drink.
I have seen her in the shadows crying for she was scared of the darkness.

I have seen her write and then forget what she had written.
I have seen her being flung back and forth trying to solve the mystery of her existence. 

Her name is Karen.
She died on the 4th of July 1978.

my name is Vanessa.
I am Karen’s granddaughter.
I have seen her.
and helped her accept death.
But she is truly strong.. for that old a lady.

“Vanessa… could you get my reading glasses.”

“yes Nana… “

I took her glasses, brushed them off and kept them on the armrest of her armchair.

I know that she doesn't read.
But i do know where she likes her glasses to be.

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