Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Ravens

Do you hear them not? 
Where the earth does shake?
Graves all rise, confused and distraught..
The ravens are awake!

He saw the silhouettes.
Heard the bells of doom.
Chained to his bride,
The solemn groom.

No one was at the church when it happened.
Just the crew,
And some cake.
There were lights galore,
Crystals and more,
But no one knew the ravens did wake

They stepped forward,
Fell in formal lines,
Monotony recited their vow.
The priest was bored—
But in the end,
The prick finished with a gallant bow.

And so— his job was done.
Such a performance!
The audience truly smitten.
There were tears of joy—
In every eye,
No wonder no one noticed them hidden.

They had all risen— to bless the newlyweds:
Too unaware to know——
The sacred vows were nothing but lines,
On a popular daily show.

Then came the wrath!
And then came the vengeance!
Defiance of the old by the new..
Then there was bloodshed,
Broken bones,
And the scattered heads of a few.
“We shall reunite”, they said.
“We shall conquer again,
with new vows and rules—-
And this time prepare 
To behead and destroy,
The monarchy of fools.”

“Fools who think “life” is greater than death,
Fools who repeat mistakes—-
of putting “life” on a pedestal
And not on burning stakes”

The forces promised that Death shall win,
In a battle that shall make—
Men and fools tremble with “life”
For the ravens are awake!

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