Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Purge

There are no more lies to be told
No more love to be throttled,
Drizzle on me some more,
And i shall have you bottled.
Kept in a cellar,
Brewed for years….

Shadowed from the rest.
I shall be dancing naked, 
In sweet revenge --
For thats what i do best.
One for yesterday

one for tomorrow,
Every drop of you i shall seal..
In cryptic letters to the Almighty.
And to the darkness?
A poisoned meal.

I will bury your essence 
In the mystic caves -
While you toss and turn in your sleep...
Not one shall remember the Demon in you.
No more shall i weep.

But I shall remember
the winter months-
echoes of despair on frozen lands...
They might.
But i shall never forget.
The color of my blood on your hands…

They think i am evil,
The townspeople..
And on full moon nights i switch-
The loving wife of you by day--
And by night,
Your secret witch….

What is truly evil remains untold.
What is really said,
Is a lie...
Only the walls bear witness to the monster inside,

And darling... so do i....

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